Thursday, 6 February 2014

How To Use SEO Ultimate With WordPress Software

I've created a video about using SEO Ultimate plugin with Wordpress software can find many useful SEO plugins on the market. One of them - I consider it to the best - is SEO Ultimate. Formerly I've created a video about its installation and how to obtain the best settings (including a whole new WP site creation with cPanel and Quickinstall), but I left it in the box.
Now I decided to publish it, because I created a new site, with more powerful content for those who really want to know everything about SEO. However, the WP version is older than we are using nowadays, the steps are the same.
Those, who have already read my article about The Importance And Usage Of The Meta Tags, certainly may remember one script, called seo4.html. Its content was the base to build on a completely brand new site which really existed. The displayed data are valid ones, you cannot find tricks over there.
I do hope I can help you with this video and can contribute to your site(s)' better SEO results.
Music: Klaus Schulze: Are You Sequenced? Song 1 & 2.